6-Week Anti-Blushing Program 

October-November 2024

Re-wire your brain to heal blushing, end fear, shame and worry, and finally build the relationships, career and life you deserve.

The cost of our one-of-a-kind Programme is USD 497 (payment plans available). Read on for more info.

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"In the nine months since completing the Blush2Bloom program, I've gone from depression to expression. After struggling with this issue for over 20 years, it's just not an issue anymore! That chapter of my life is closed. And at age 46, I'm finally going about life the way I want and finding out who I really am. I feel good in my skin and so much happier!"


If you’ve struggled with chronic blushing for years, and tried every pill or potion....

If you're tired of missing out on life and not being taken seriously at work...

If you avoid people, situations or opportunities from the weight of anxiety, fear and shame...

Then you already know that healing Chronic Blushing isn't a Quick Fix or a Silver Bullet.  

This is not a 'face-your-fears' quick fix! It's a deep, transformative program with long-lasting results.

Combining principles of neuroscience, exposure therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and somatic mind-body work with trauma healing to transform your life.

So you can finally end feeling defeat, shame and missing out. And start blooming to your full potential.

Join the Blush2Bloom 6-week program and start a new life, free of the chains of chronic blushing. 

By the end of this 6-week Program,

you will have…


  • Reduced your Blushing by at least 50% and have a New Mindset.

    As your results prove you can impact your blushing, you'll be empowered to continue beyond the program's duration, without the paralyzing fear and anxiety of blushing dominating your every move. 
  • The Confidence to Express Your Unique Style

    As your self-acceptance grows, so will your wardrobe choices! You'll select clothes, hair styles and make-up to express your personality instead of whether they hide the blush. 
  • The Self-Assurance to Take-on Challenges You'd Never Dreamed Possible

    You'll find yourself enrolling in career development opportunities, taking initiative and putting yourself 'out there' without the worry of judgement or embarrassment holding you back.
  • A New Level of Self-Acceptance With Ripple Effects on Your Relationships 

    As your self-acceptance and self-trust grows, it radiates outwards to gradually end isolation. You'll be empowered to connect genuinely with people, free from the old feelings of shame and separation. 
  • Newfound Courage, Confidence and Communication

    Without the constant worry of what others think or the feeling of defeat and negative emotions that have held you back for far too long. 
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"The Blush2Bloom Program's been very beneficial for me. In general, I'm blushing less. And whether I'm blushing or not, I have a better relationship with it now, and can accept it without scrambling for my anxiety meds. Since doing the program, I probably use 30-40% less anxiety medication, which is a pretty massive improvement in a short time."


Live Group Coaching, or Follow-Along

You can opt to join us live, every Tuesday for 6-weeks for small group coaching. Or you you can opt to follow-along with the recordings alone (available within 48hrs) - it's up to you!

Change your mind whenever you wish


This Option's best for you if you prefer independence, flexibility and flying solo. You can work independently at your own pace, with no obligations to show up at specific times. If group settings and live sessions make you anxious, follow-along with self-study might be your best bet. 


  •  6 x 60 minute "on demand" follow-along recordings of Group Coaching Workshops (available within 72 hours of the live sessions) on a secure learning portal
  • 'Bloom Assignments' to move you forward week by week so you see immediate and concrete results in your life.
  • Cheat Sheets to make it super-easy for new learning to stick.
  • A kind, supportive private Facebook Community, where Madeleine gives you coaching answers your questions. 
  • Year-long access so you can (re)visit modules as often as you like. 

Live Group Coaching


This Option's best if you're tired of struggling alone. While the idea of joining a live group via Zoom might make you nervous, you're excited for the transformational change of small group coaching. 


  • Everything in Follow-Along, plus:
  • You show up live to the 6 x 60 minute interactive coaching sessions with Madeleine in a small group of people with the same experiences (recorded for Self-Study members). There's a transformative magic that happens when you're coached together with people like you.
  • An additional 30 min 'closed-door' Group Coaching Sessions (not recorded) for deeper (and private) growth with Madeleine, a certified coach & trainer.
  • A Safe Space for learning, practicing and 'becoming' the new you.
  • Small Group size to ensure individual attention and customized to your specific needs and adaptive to the group
  • Time-zone friendly options to choose from so you can join from any country.

 For me, it's absolutely been a life-changing experience!  My blushing doesn't take over anymore. It's more gentle, over more quickly - and sometimes I don't blush at all. And I take on challenges that I'd never have dreamed of!   

- Michaela, (Age 38) Czeck Republic


Before I joined the program it felt like I could only be myself when I was alone. I always wanted to be perfect and I think that was part of the problem. But with the steps of the program I learned to just be myself. It was exactly what I needed to get better with the blushing and the shame I was carrying around. 

- Laura (Age 20) Bratislava


“Before the program I had no tools to deal with blushing and just got through my days with a lot of anxiety and stress. I got nervous when the program about to start, but the fact that Madeleine’s been through this as well, and can actually relate, was a real motivation for me.  The biggest change has been letting go of shame and humiliation. 

- Amy (Age 34) New Zealand


How much does it Cost?

USD 497 

Whether you join live or follow-along, our six-week Blush2Bloom anti-blushing program costs USD 497 all-in. 

Here's what you get:

What’s Inside Blush2Bloom 


Module 1 (Week 1):  

The Master Key to Stop Blushing

Long-term healing isn't just about 'facing your fears' - but it's a good start! We do this the blush2bloom way to safely de-sensitise your phobia of blushing from day one for immediate results. So we can move on with the deep work of the rest of the program.

Module Highlights:

Laying the essential pillars for the Blush2Bloom journey:

  • The Master Key to moving beyond your comfort zone without triggering shame or your blush response.
  • Madeleine leads you through her 4-Step Framework to get crystal clear on your future and how to get there.
  • Your personal Bloom Assignment: each week you'll create your unique bloom assignment based on the session's teaching. Your bloom assignment is unique to you and your unique situation. 
Module 2 (Week 2):  

8 Steps to Heal Blushing

Module 2 gives you the foundation for the rest of the Program by identifying your core wound and deconstructing the science of blushing into 8-steps to heal, control and end blush. 

Module Highlights:

People suffer from chronic blushing for different reasons, often hidden to them. Some have experienced trauma and may not realise the connection with their blushing. Trauma can be different things to different people and it's crucial to understand this before embarking on your blooming journey. 

  • The 8-Step Blushing Cycle and 8 Steps to banish blushing forever.
  • Interpreting the three commonest types of blushing to identify your core wound and start the self-healing journey.
  • Your personal Bloom Assignment each week you'll create your unique bloom assignment based on the session's teaching. Your bloom assignment is unique to you and your situation. 
Module 3 (Week 3):  

Healing Triggers and past Traumas

Demonstrating 2 powerful exercises through live group coaching  (which self-study members follow-along with in the recording), this module is a game-changer for your relationship with blushing and yourself.  

Module Highlights:

In this powerful module we go deep into the emotional triggers of blushing, your core wound, and how to heal with 2 coaching exercises.

  • Identify and de-fuse your Blushing Triggers. Madeleine is a trained trauma-sensitive coach and guides you through this session with sensitivity and professionalism.
  • Emotional Regulation Keys to stay in control, even in the heat of the moment
  • Healing the past with a powerful guided activity.
  • Your personal Bloom Assignment each week you'll create your unique bloom assignment based on the session's teaching. Your bloom assignment is unique to you and your situation.
Module 4 (Week 4):  

Body-Brain Mastery

In this session you will learn the 6 keys to re-wire your body-brain responses to blushing.  

Module Highlights:

  • How to control your physical and emotional state.
  • Create your Personal Blooming Toolbox by discovering which of the 6 Keys work best for you (everyone's  different and Madeleine will help you identify which keys work to unlock your chains) 
  • By the end of the Session, you will have created your personal 'Bloom Blueprint' to navigate life without blushing (including the unexpected)
  • Your personal Bloom Assignment each week you'll create your unique bloom assignment based on the session's teaching. Your bloom assignment is unique to you and your situation.
Module 5 (Week 5):  

Healing Shame

By now, you've got a renewed relationship with yourself and you're beginning to 'feel good in your skin'. You're gaining control over your blushing, which no longer has the same power over you. 

To ensure your healing continues beyond the program, we unravel the link between blushing and shame in this session.   

Module Highlights:

Tranformative mindset shifts, laying the groundwork for sustained progress beyond the program: 

  • Ending the critical self-talk by confronting shame in a safe space. 
  • Empowerment and confidence for social coping strategies - even in the face of people who call out your blush. 
  • Resilience building for navigating set-backs to ensure momentum endures beyond the program
  • Your personal Bloom Assignment each week you'll create your unique bloom assignment based on the session's teaching. Your bloom assignment is unique to you and your situation. 
Module 6 (Week 6):  

10 Principles to Banish Blushing Forever

In this final module we bring everything you've learned together in "The 10 Principles to Banish Blushing Forever". These become a new standard to guide you through life so you can continue to bloom to your full potential long after you've banished blushing.  

Module Highlights:

We celebrate your journey and set the stage for a future where you continue to bloom: 

  • Strategic Review of where you started and where you are now.
  • Blush2Bloom Blueprint: Madeleine walks you through a personalised planning session so you can apply the 10 Principles to your unique circumstances. By the end of the session you'll have your own blueprint to continue your progress and ensure you don't revert back to old habits. 
Bonus Module : 

Get-to-gether 2-3 weeks later

This Bonus Get-To-Gether takes place 2-3 weeks after the final session. 


  • Reconnect to share stories, progress and next steps
  • Q&A Session with Madeleine
  • Coaching support for your next step: What do you want out of life? And what does life want out of you?

Blush2Bloom Guarantee

We believe Blush2Bloom has the transformational power change your life forever. However, if, by the end of the second week, you don't feel it's right for you, simply submit your completed course work and we'll issue a full refund. 

Please note that the eligibility of the refund has a specific deadline: by the end of the second week and before week three. The reason we ask for your course work is simple: if you do the work, you'll get tremendous value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Blush2Bloom

I can’t wait for you to join Blush2Bloom!

I experienced first hand what it feels like to go through life hiding and avoiding people, situations and opportunities.

I know how chronic blushing can keep you stuck and stop you from sharing your true gifts. My mission is to help you stop hiding, so you can start blooming to your full potential.  

Blush2Bloom is for kind, sensitive people who have so much to offer and are tired of hiding.

With the 100% guaruntee if you feel it's not right for you by the 3rd week, you've not nothing to loose!

I hope you'll join me. It would be my privilege and honour to walk by your side every step of the way on your journey from 'blush' to Bloom!


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