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Curing your blushing is a step-by-step process of self-acceptance and re-programming your body and mind.

My Blush2Bloom programs give you the framework, support and transformative power of group coaching to get the results - and the life - you deserve. 

If you're curious about taking a holistic approach to your healing, with a unique mix of neuroscience, somatic body-mind coaching and paramedical therapies based in science, then let's talk.

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Michaela, Czek Republic

"For me, it's absolutely been a life-changing experience!  My blushing doesn't take over anymore. It's more gentle, over more quickly - and sometimes I don't blush at all. And I take on challenges that I'd never have dreamed of!"  

2 Ways To Work With Me:

One-to-One Coaching

$1.250 for 5 Sessions

Individual, personalised and customised to your unique situation (on-line or in-person)

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6-Week Program


The transformational power of small group coaching and my proven 3-step framework to stop blushing and start blooming. (Self-study or live group coaching)

See 6-Week Program

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